In the past, I feasted on the finest foods of Ancient Egypt
Drank from the clearest waters of Nile
They called me Mafdet, Bastet and Sekhmet
I was a deity that protected their homes and land
They even built the Great Sphinx in my honour
I sat on the laps of Pharaohs as I purred in their embrace

 But, as the times be came bleak during the Middle Ages
People died from 
plagues and paranoia arose

They called me the Devil’s Little Minion
That hid under the shadows and conjured evil Conspiring
with witches and heretics so they burned me
and my sisters as we screeched

Now, I sit on the porch Watching as the world change
They call out my name from the inside Outside
I am free to roam but Inside I am safe so I choose to come

As I am just a simple being that wants to be embraced

So I purr

Zanabazar Fine Art Museum / Media Art Festival Ulanbator, Mongolia 2022