The fairy tale
of the Crypto Rush.

One day, Rotko&Rotko decided to join the wild Crypto Rush in the turbulent year of 2021. For over a year, those interested in Crypto Gold have endured all the hardships of the pandemic and endless depressive unemployment. All the people around them became hermits. Finally they found themselves in lockdown after lockdown , spending their money in online shopping , partying via Zoom and sanitizing their groceries.

Government support for artists was too little, so they decided to work together as partners in the brand new NFT business. They, like many other creative people around the world, started digging for some crypto nuggets. They worked really hard every day, learned new tools and watched endless tutorials. Finally they found their first crypto nugget in the deep mines of Blender 3D. It took them many days to dig it out of the system. They cleaned the crypto nugget from the dirt and polished it like a jewel. You can own this nugget on 



Crypto Nugget No.1

Zanabazar Fine Art Museum / Media Art Festival Ulanbator, Mongolia 2022